How does your garden grow?

Our garden is green!!!! This is always a good thing, especially because I usually forget to water it, but that is where my lovely husband steps in. I harvested about a handful of green beans today, but not enough to can. My mother promised that she would show me how to can this year and I am really excited.

In addition to the green beans, we also have potatoes (sweet, Yukon gold and blue)… that is right blue potatoes. We have several varieties of peppers, a Roma and cherry tomato plant, two types of eggplant, and three varieties of carrots. We did have radishes but I have already pulled what was planted. I need to plant more, but I think I will wait out this heat wave.

The funny thing is I have hardly harvested anything from this year’s garden and I am already planning out next years. We currently have 5 raised beds, I would like 3 more, but Michael told me he would rather just rip out the raised beds and plow up the ground instead. He is always so worried about me taking up his backyard. The funny thing is that my garden, even if I expand will not be taking up a 1/4 of the back yard.

Here is to any other fellow gardeners reading this. May your harvests be bountiful!!