Wow, so I have clearly dropped the proverbial ball. I apologize to anyone who has checked the blog in hopes of new information on our family. The summer ended in a whirl wind of activity. Our garden produced some great looking tomatoes and Yukon gold potatoes. We got quite a few blue potatoes too, but (very disappointed by this) they were white on the inside, not exactly what the picture showed.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is now behind us and we are off on the high speed express towards Christmas. This past Sunday we found our Christmas tree at the largest Christmas Tree Farm I have ever seen. It was so big that we had to drive our vehicle around in it. Michael and I decorated it after the kiddos went to bed. Our elf Ellsworth is back, keeping an eye out for Santa and the kids have a new Little People Nativity Play set that they can enjoy for their room. I am very excited that this nativity can be played with but will teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas. Michael has most of the lights up on our house. I still have the artificial tree in the front room, the banister, and the stairwell tree to decorate. I need to get the 25 days to Christmas Banner up as well. Even though there are so many things to get done, I can’t help but get excited for the Holidays!

~ Jamie