Yesterday afternoon, our new “playground” was delivered thanks to Nana & Papa. It was an Easter gift from them to the girls. The best part was honestly going to the store to pick it out! It was a blast, unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of that day.

I was at work when they set it up, but Michael helped them get it in just the right location as to provide plenty of room for play, but not consume the whole backyard. I guess Maddie spent the whole time staring out the window watching the workers set it up. Once they were done she spent the rest of the afternoon playing on it.

Which is exactly what she was doing when I got home. She was a little bundle of sweat & excitement. At only two years old she scales the rock wall without any assistance.

I am looking forward to spending many nights outside with the girls playing. I am also looking forward to them falling into bed thoroughly exhausted and dreaming about repeating the fun the next day!!!