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I realize that I have many projects on my plate and that I have promised follow ups on those a long time ago, but I just can’t help it! My life has gotten crazy again all because it is Fall and school has… actually activities have started to pick up again. Mad is taking dance and has officially started in our CGS (catechesis of the Good Sheppard) program at church.

My hope was that she would have started 3 yr old pre-school this year, but due to high demand for the school of choice we were unable to get her in. Then by the time we found something else, it was getting too late to the start date and we decided that this year we will “home school” her… after all at 3 years old you learn through play.

Anyway, since religious education classes have started again I am also busy helping with Edge our middle school youth program. I also teach dance …. see what I mean we are running around crazy. Oh and did I mention that I am attempting to finally get my Discovery Toys business off the ground.

As with all things it will balance out after a while. Things are always more hectic at the beginning and end than they are in the middle.

I have several things I am going to try to focus on this year, different from last year.

1. My Children – I have made a good start in the right direction this year by keeping my activities through the week down so that I can spend more time with Mad & Em.

2. My Husband – yes even he is going to get the much-needed attention that he didn’t get last year.

3. Myself… yes I said it I am going to put myself in the mix this year! But, not by adding other activities… rather making time early in the morning or late at night to exercise and more importantly spend time praising God! For without him everything else I do is nothing.

So there you have it! I am officially Falling into Fall and I could not be happier.

How is your Fall shaping up? How are you handling the switch back to “reality”?

~ Jamie